Adi Nachum is a graphic designer, creative and art director. After graduated from Shenkar College of Design in Tel Aviv and the New Academy of Fine Arts (NABA) in Milan, he has worked within the industries of music, fashion, marketing and advertising, including visual identity, typography, merchandise, web, editorial and packaging design. Through his personal work, he soon began collaborating with internationally recognized brands and artists.

Selected Clients:
Foot Locker, PJ Tucker, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Justin Bieber, Chance The Rapper, Justine Skye, Timbaland, 100 Thieves by Drake, Bia, Google, Call of Duty, Outfitgrid, Mērcer Project by Roy Nachum, Joe Perez, Lipstick Gypsy, Fashion Rocks, Forge, WØRKS Studio, Marvé, ĀTO, Gravity and more.

Based in New York, US & Tel Aviv, Israel.

Instagram: @adinachum

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